Thursday, May 12, 2016

Breaking Free of a Stagnant Condition

I never cease to be amazed by ah-ha moments that come when I finally approach an everyday problem without applying some emotional attachment. If that sentence sounds like a conflicting jumble of words, stay with me as I guide you thought finding enlightenment from a case of toenail fungus. The simple 2+2 that rid my toe of fungus can be applied as a solution to breaking free of almost any situation where you feel stuck.

The fungal condition appeared within days of a cinder block landing on my toe. The nail cracked from the impact but, was made worse by my morning walks on the beach. Sand hiding in the cuticle bed of my toe nails is my nail tech’s regular complaint when she gives me a pedicure. Cracking my nail simply opened a door that became filled with sand. My tech says that sand holds moisture and this allowed fungus to grow.

Living as I do on the Caribbean, sandals are the standard foot apparel. Wearing closed shoes is similar to wearing a turtle neck to cover a hickey.  I tried a number of solutions: applications of peroxide, bleach, and tea tree or lemon essential oils.  Each of these therapies must have helped in some way but none of them could keep my nail from progressing to an ugly shade of grey. I’m a natural health practitioner; this grey color staring up at me was not a pretty business card.

I dug out Ohashi’s book on Oriental Diagnosis to refresh my memory as to which energy meridian this toe was a part of. I found that the big toe is in the flow of stomach energy. This made sense. I had been experiencing mild digestion distress for months but had not taken the time to give it attention.  I also remembered that when my nail tech gives me a pedicure she uses a brush on my nails. I made dietary changes that included drinking ginger tea at meals and also began to scrub my toe nails with a small brush twice a day. That is when the condition changed bringing with it the moment of enlightenment. The tea stimulated digestion and the brush not only kept my nails clean of sand, it was also supplying stimulation. Circulation was the missing and necessary component.

Fungus is a stagnant condition. It grows where a blockage in the natural flow of energy has occurred. We’ve all seen mildew conditions in buildings where there is an obstruction of air, the trauma to my toe is only one of many ways that energy flow becomes blocked in our bodies. Stagnation also happens from a lack of movement. This appears as weight gain or belly fat when too much time is spent sitting. Folding the body in a sitting position for hours interferes with the flow of blood, lymph and energy. Suppressed emotions also create blockages. Decades of suppressed negativity such as anger, resentment grief or feelings of imperfection also begin to stifle normal flows.

Stimulation opens blocked areas. On a physical level, scrubbing with a brush or loofah will begin to allow air, light or lymph to move. On a mental level, a change in perception brought by a new interest or hobby can bring light and a sense of freedom. Validating personal emotions and practicing self-acceptance is known to dissolve emotional blockages that have been building over time.

Chinese medicine is built around the belief that cause and effect of an illness may be an emotion. Lao Zi, the Chinese philosopher and guiding figure behind Chinese Medicine, stated that when a person practices self-acceptance they become more accepting and understanding of others. They become more capable of expressing emotions, as necessary and appropriate to a situation.

My belief is that forgiveness of our own imperfections is the first step and remembering that everyone has a history is the second.

Advice from another great sage is found in the words of Abraham Hicks: “There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so — knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016


My recent thoughts and posts have been about creating and holding a positive intention. Writing helps me stay focused on my own personal desire. What I’m learning is that the greatest part of creating positive change is to be happy. Emotions are energy and they attract similar energy. When we feel joy in our heart we attract the same. Happiness brings about a positive energy flow that assists in creating the change we want. However, there are always times and people who are NOT on our same page and want to share the pain or ugly they are feeling.  

 Getting what we want will not make us happy... at least not for long. To get the change we want and we must become happy first. Remember energy attracts like energy. So that means when negative people or situations are frequently crossing our path it is generally a sure sign that we are NOT in the happiness flow. Our culture does not teach balance and harmony so when those negative or challenging moments come it is our responsibility to return to a state of peace. It is always there; deep within us. I know this may sound like a difficult process however; the more often we make time to sit quietly, connecting with that place the more easily it will be to return to it when our positive intentions are challenged.

Energy and emotions can be controlled with breath. When thoughts are negative or fearful our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. Our heart energy constricts almost as through the heart is trying to protect itself. On the other hand, when we feel joy and peace our breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed. The heart energy opens and expands.

Here’s an exercise that can be done while sitting quietly: Think of a time when you felt afraid. Likely, just the memory of the event is enough to change your breathing pattern as memory of the past fear awakens. Be aware of your breathing. Now think of a time when you felt free, at peace, safe or happy. Feel how your heart beat slows and your body relaxes? You’re breathing is more relaxed. Slow and focused breathing can even lower elevated blood pressure.

I’ve written before about the power of gratitude in healing life situations. GRATITUDE comes from being THANKFUL and accepting. It brings APPRECIATION, even when conditions are such that we do not feel grateful. Saying THANK-YOU begins a change. The constricting heart energy reverses, breathing relaxes and our metabolism returns to normal. The words THANK-YOU put us back in touch with the depth of peace that is part of our core. We open to love.

The state of being brought from gratitude and appreciation opens channels of energy. It lifts our spirits and draws positive possibilities. There is often a sensation of warmth and expansion at the area of the thymus, above the heart. In holistic circles this area is called the ‘High Heart’. It is where we hold the love for ourselves. It restores the flow of positive Intention. Remember and say the words: GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, THANK-YOU. They are magical. ~Malana

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