Thursday, February 10, 2011


I’ve been writing a lot about vitality lately and with chronic conditions, it’s a major missing link. If the word ‘chronic’ is defined as; slowly developing, long-term, then it only makes sense the pain, struggle, worry or fear created by it would have a weakening affect on every area.

People struggling with chronic conditions, whether in their health or relationships, invariably lose the vitality needed for hope, courage or desire.
An easy little exercise that can open a door to a few moments of peace and freedom is to close your eyes, then take and releasing a deep cleansing breath. Give yourself permission to imagine yourself as a free, wild animal…possibly an eagle, dolphin, mustang or other. Let your imagination loose. See yourself flying, or running free. Feel the wind beneath you, or the water rushing past your face. Travel as far as you choose.

When you are ready to return and open your eyes. You may be amazed at how much stronger and lighter you feel. It’s what freedom feels like. Now that you are acquainted with the feeling, practice this exercise every day, waiting for the bus, or at the doctor’s office or before bed. The more you practice it the longer the feeling stays. Soon it will be YOUR normal feeling and will create the change you are looking for in your life.

My next post we can examine how food allows healing by offering vitality.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was recently challenged to answer a question: “How would you describe total health and wellness?” A thousand textbook answers raced to be first in my rational. Yet within the unrecognizable barrage came a calm realization that none of them was the appropriate answer. It was the word acceptance that felt correct.

In the fields of energy medicine there are certain emotions that are restrictive to the flow of vitality and others that expand and support the flow. Grief, remorse, despair, shame and depression are considered ‘heavy’ emotions. These states involuntarily cause breathing to become shallow which constricts energy flow, causing the chest, shoulders, heart and lungs to feel as though they are under pressure or weight.

As an interesting exercise, close your eyes, relax and just think about the words: Grief, remorse, despair, shame, depression. After a minute or two, you will likely feel your posture has subtly changed and that there is a heaviness on your chest above your heart. If you were to continue in this condition, the restricted flow of energy would begin to create sensations in the areas farthest from the heart; your hands, fingers, feet and toes. Just like shutting down the flow of water to an irrigated field, the crop would start to wither and possibly die.

Now, return to your relaxed, eyes closed position and start thinking the words: love, peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, acceptance. Without intent, your chest begins to expand, breathing becomes fuller while the neck and shoulders relax creating a sense of well-being. The previous dense energy is dissipating, being replaced with one that is lighter and more expansive. The longer these thoughts are held the farther reaching this energy expands.

The word acceptance, unlike its near relatives, submission and surrender, does not require giving in or yielding one’s will. It’s more like transcending will by recognizing that even if one doesn’t understand the why of a thing, what is occurring has a greater benefit than possibly meets the eye. There is no bad, no mistakes, only something to be learned. Acceptance is how we receive gifts.