Saturday, February 4, 2012


There has been a waxing moon since January 25th. Waxing means that the new (dark) moon is in a state of becoming, growing into a big full circle. This is the best time to plant the seeds of plants meant to become above ground vegetation such as leafy greens, vines and flowers. 

I decided to work with this moon energy to start my Spring garden. Crouching over the soil sprinkling various seeds, I found my mind wondering if a seed has any idea of its potential ; what it is meant to become. Does it simply do the best it can to survive at each level of its development or is there some vague image of completion that it carries in its core? 

From there, I applied the same question to human life; my life. A small child lives each day watching, learning and wanting to become.  The only image that I remember having of a possible potential would have been from watching an older sib or my parents. The desire to be and do as I witnessed becomes the motivator. As years pass, a greater awareness develops, then a dream or aspiration, but all along each of us just keep doing the best we can, trying to survive.

As I look back over the years I cannot remember a time when I was not trying to ‘become,’ even to the point of obsessing.   Become a better student, better mother, better sales trainer, better businessperson...better, better, better. It fatigues me just to remember it all. Then I realized that the stress and fatigue of trying to be has been gone since I gave up trying and just started being.

The hard part was learning to be like the seed, releasing control of the outcome and just focusing on the practice of being with each day.