Tuesday, July 9, 2013

                                           The Power of Red

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.   - Nikola Tesla

All is energy but in learning to recognize the world from an energy viewpoint, color and sound are the two easiest vibrations for most people to relate to. The sensation of color depends on the number of vibrations of light, just as the sound of a note depends on the vibrations emitting it. The variance is produced by the intensity of their energy frequencies. These make up the visible light spectrum. Any vibration beyond those we can see are known as ultra-violet.

Every living thing on the planet requires sunlight to grow and survive. Human beings are no exception.  Within the white light of the sun are seven different rates of vibration, we know as colors. Sunlight produces color in plants and that vibration is carried into the animal that eats the plant. These different color frequencies affect the well-being of the body, mind as well as our emotions and spirit.

The color RED anchors your connection to the physical world. It is essential in creating overall strength that supports the physical body. It stimulates. It represents passion, life, love, survival, family and tribe. It strengthens and awakens physical energy and will.  The physical organ that reflects this is the heart and blood. According to the Greek Law of Similar, red foods support the components of the Fire Element; a Chinese medicine term for heart, adrenal and blood.

Students of energy, familiar with vortexes of the human body, know that the color red is the vibration of the root chakra. It extends from the lower abdomen to about midpoint length of the thighs. Organs within its influence include the sexual organs, prostate, bladder and large intestine. Those organs are a long way from the heart yet; the root chakra energetically represents all the aspects of survival just as the heart does in the physical plane. The distance in the physical body seems extreme yet, the conceptual similarities of these two match. 

Recent science indicates that the lycopene in the skin of tomatoes is good for your heart, and that many red foods increase metabolic rates. The natural color of red radishes, red peppers (especially chilies), strawberries, cherries, pomegranate, raspberries, watermelon, red onion, red apples, red grapes as well as tomatoes and beets add vitality and strengthen the immune system.

If you find your life feeling out of balance in areas of finances, career, family or love relationships, try adding more red to your diet, wardrobe or environment.

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