Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creating Change from Self-talk

What does self-talk have to do with change? It can promote it or stall it. If you are not changing, stagnation occurs.  Healing is a form of change just as growth is change. Yet all of it needs input from the mind. You might think that these happen automatically, but consider a condition called Failure to Strive or how some do not recover from an accepted medication or surgery. The mind has been negatively influencing the body.  Stagnation in relationships or personal issues is the most common form. This blocking of energy can cause many health problems.  However, all the answers we need exist within us.
I mentioned in an earlier blog article that I was enrolling in a 30-day writing course. The program uses the term ‘Divine Dialoging’.  This is a form of positive self-talk with your innermost feelings.  I have used this self-awareness in my healing practice for almost 20 years so it was nothing new. What would be new was the starting point and direction this exercise would lead me. Today I was going to talk to a couple of my chakras.
The (1st) red chakra at the base of the spine, is related to family, tribe, and grounded life principles. The (2nd) orange chakra is found at the sacral center just below the navel. It is related to the feminine, water, desires and creativity. This was the information I had when I entered a state of quiet meditation to ask my questions.

RED: Using a red veil from India I sat and began my countdown to relax. I was just giving my attention to the color of the veil when a red dragon jumped into my mind.  I have been told that dragons represent protection and so I asked if it was there to protect me. It replied, “I am aggression.”
Me- But why do I need aggression?
Dragon(D)- you are returning to the seat of family.
Me- but why aggression?
D- It helps you stand your ground.
Me-Isn’t there another way?
D- Stay away
Me- how can this be handled for my Highest Good or Becoming?
D- Send heart healing energy (green) into the discourse. The color green calms red.

This insight re- awakened the realization that conflict requires more than one person. If I do not play there is no game. Over the years I have taught others to use heart energy to heal relationship problems but the closer we are to the problem the more difficult it is to use reason.

ORANGE: Orange was never my favorite color. Crayola could have left it out of the box if it weren’t for my love of apricots, cream-sickles and navel oranges. It is only since my mother passed away in 2005 that the color began creeping into my life. As this realization came, knowledge that I had of the chakra began to make more sense. It is about feminine energy and authority females.  Quieting my mind to move into the 2nd chakra took a bit more time than did the red, but finally an orange color appeared. Out of it sprang yellow then hints of red before bursting into flaming wings. I asked if this was a Phoenix rising but the response came: “Girl on Fire,” from the Hunger Games. 

Me- Why a girl with flaming wings?
She- It is your potential.
Me- Do I know I have this potential?
She- “Understated”
Me- I want to realize it; what you I need to do?
She- grab it.
Me- How?
The response came as an image. It was a little girl on a carousel horse grabbing the brass ring.    
I learned that my reluctance ‘to be’ keeps me from my desires. I also realized that just holding and affirming the image of the little girl on the carousel ride would eliminate that reluctance.
Now I can focus on YELLOW.