Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Applied Energy

When my husband and I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, we bought a house nestled within an acre of jungle. On the edge of the house clearing stood an avocado tree of questionable age. Neither my husband nor I were fans of avocados and this tree was lanky and twisted from fighting for space in the sun. During our first 3 years, it had bore only a handful of fruit so we planned to cut it down sometime in the future.
Our house also had an above ground water catchment tank. It is a common practice in that area to collect rainwater for household cleaning. In times of drought, water must be bought by the truckload to fill the tanks. A truck holds 5,000-gallon or 2,500 gallons. If you order 5,000 gallons and only need 4,000, you pay for all and the driver dumps the remainder on your property. We had this happen once and the avocado tree received the excess gallons.

People familiar with growing avocados know the trees do not like soppy wet soil; it is sure death. Since we had no attachment to the tree, it was not a threat. However, friends that came by a few days later were devastated that we would allow a food-producing tree to die. They wanted to “save” the tree with blessing. Trying to explain our less than positive experience with tiny, hard avocados made no impression so  I gave them the go-ahead. They could have all the future fruit it bore. It seemed easier than trying to explain the fruitless history. 

The two women stood with their hands on the tree’s trunk. They spoke to the tree telling it how beautiful it was and how much they loved it and its fruit. They ended their 2-minute blessing by wishing the tree health and happiness. That year our tree gave us over 2-bushel s of beautiful and perfect avocados. 
I have been a student of subtle energy and energy healing for years before that event. I have used energy to help people and animals regain health. However, I had never thought to apply the idea to the tree. It was a wonderful lesson and I have since saved other trees from trauma, using the same process. It makes me wonder what else I am accepting as normal instead of offering healing. I find myself wondering why we, as a species, are not using the same healing force to shift the planet from hardship into harmony. If a tree can receive and respond, surely others of our own kind can. It only takes making a daily practice of thinking thoughts of kindness toward others; offering prayers of love and sincere wishes for well-being. What a beautiful example to teach and legacy to leave grandchildren and future inhabitants of our planet. 

A change in the way we look and things and applying positive energy will create a healthy planet.