Friday, January 13, 2012

THE new year CHASM

Am I the only one who feels that they are floating within a chasm? It’s as though ending the old Gregorian calendar  year and the birth of a new year under the Chinese calendar  has created a cradle or fertile furrow to birth new purposes and ideas. Having a full moon and its energy influence overseeing this period adds confirmation that this is a time to set new sites and take first steps toward seeing desires happen.
Since developing a 4th dimensional approach to healing and the negative influences that affect health, I have started viewing most everything from an energy perspective. Overtime (and practice) a greater sensitivity and understanding to what might be labeled as Feng Shui, intuition or Shamanism has occurred which is a bit like peeking through stage curtains before a performance. Energy is what it is all about.

As for this calendar thing, part of the influence we’re feeling comes from (the energy) having a major part of the world population accepting and following a calendar based on the sun (which is changing) and trade. It is almost the 100th monkey situation; enough people thinking (applying energy) about the same thing makes it true. However, in following the Gregorian calendar, we live just one beat out of step with nature . We are so used to the miss-beat that we ignore the sensation. 

On the other hand, there are a great number that have been placing their faith (energy) on the Chinese system of time marking for thousands of years. It is a calendar that follows lunar AND solar (lunisolar). This system follows natural movements untouched by the influence of commerce…and yet following its energy flow can have a positive influence on prosperity.  Each month follows one cycle of the moon.  Over history it has become common knowledge the moon influences the oceans and other bodies of water such as our physical form and brain.

Setting direction  for my new year as I float  in the energies of this chasm, have me wondering,  how might it  enhance my  health and future designs if I were to follow the current trend of most of East Asia? That is to use the Gregorian calender (called the Yin calendar), for day-to-day activities (business, birthdays, etc.) but the Chinese (or  Yang) calendar for season changes and other important aspects of life.  I believe it would benefit my efforts (energy) similarly to how the old Poor Richard’s Almanacs helped farmers in the past.

January 23rd begins the Chinese year of the dragon. As a person born under the “Rat” sign, I’m looking forward to a very auspicious year.