Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Piece of the Puzzle: Chronic Conditions

Exploring the possible causes of chronic conditions has been a special interest of mine for over 15 years. In studying the lifestyles of traditional cultures, I began to see many areas that invite weakness through the beliefs of those living in first world countries.  This is part of why I decided to live outside the United States. A geographical change allows a shift in perspective.

Overtime the picture has become more complete as I gathered the many bits of wisdom; pieces of the puzzle. There is no ONE contaminated ingredient; there also was no magic cure. Whether the condition undermines the person physically, mental/emotionally or affects the nervous system and self-perception, the resulting imbalance takes over their lives.  The change they look for must come from the core. New information needs to flood the whole person: nutritional changes for vitality, a shift in opinion and a reconnection to the Earth.
Changing lives for the better has led me to creating five steps that bring effective results. 

1.      1. Treat the symptom. People cannot focus on healing when they are in pain. Give them the listening ear, the emotional or herbal support they need to be in the present moment.
2.          2.  Identify the root cause; bring light into the darkness. It is difficult to put aside that which has never been validated.   Deal with it face-on or in an abstract approach, whatever allows release. 
3.     3.   Inspire them to create a dream. There needs to be a vision for their lives that is free of the anchor of limitation.
4.    4.   Help them design a daily routine that can bring their dream into fruition. Find a song or symbol that helps keep them on track with the vision.
5.    5.   Challenge them to help someone else. Chronic conditions become all consuming. Placing attention on helping another, helps create a greater picture and break the chain  of confinement. As they give another a hand-up they are encouraged to keep climbing upwards themselves.
Every problem has an energy core. All energy can be transformed. - Malana