Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Gift to the World

Every one of us has a dark and a light side. This fact is a basic principle of nature: all creation comes from darkness. No matter how good we try to appear the element of darkness, our shadow side, exists. Trying to hide the fact only causes it to build and erupt when under pressure. Peace and happiness prevail from accepting this Universal Principle and learning to balance these two aspects of our character.
A new venture or experience demands present moment attention. A bit like sailing uncharted waters, awareness becomes essential because you really don’t know what to expect. This state of NOW creates a level of awareness that allows an interesting study of the many facets of  your personal make-up. This is a lesson that was strongly impressed upon me when I began the bead necklace project that led to writing The Threaded Gem Adventure.

From sending the first invitations, to waiting for responses and on to the stranding and tying of each bead, I felt like an impartial witness to my moments of nervousness, anxiety, frustration and aggravation. Rejection issues, guised as the fear of not enough people responding, raised their distorted faces.  There was also resentment as I struggled to make beautiful charms fit a design intended for beads. I found myself being amazed that these negatives were appearing, threatening to contaminate a project of love and connection.
The issue of rejection was one I had worked on years earlier. As the question of why it was entering this project traveled through my mind, the answer followed. The conditioning of a lifetime cannot simply be erased. Pains of the past mark the soul like a hardened edge scratches fine metal. The mark can be polished until it is almost invisible but a shadow will always be there. When conditions are right the scar will be visible. Recognizing that it is only a scar is the new important and higher lesson here. It is a lesson that brings freedom and satisfaction.

Recognizing my feeling of resentment was the greatest ‘ah-ha’ moment. I had looked forward to the time of connecting all these special tokens yet I found myself frustrated. The resistance of the silk thread in sliding across the table, making charms balance in a relationship with beads, and in bringing continuity with the mix of large holes and small left me gritting my teeth. Stepping away from the emotion, the lesson of learning acceptance became recognizable. The beads were as unique as their givers. However, finding the answer for my aggravation took more time.

Doing what I can to bring healing and balance to the planet is the gift I want to give my grandchildren and others. But a person cannot give what they do not have. In learning to love and balance my shadows and light, the effect is the same as a tuning fork surrounded by glasses of water.  The greatest gift I can give the world is to be a balanced happy person.