Friday, October 4, 2013

Giving Moms a Hand

Many years ago, I was a single unemployed mom. I was living in a tourist area during the off-season.  I had no job, financial support or help from family, but a church with a food pantry gave me enough for my children and I to survive until I began earning money.  I started a housecleaning service with the help of my 13-year old daughter. I have never felt badly scarred from that period, but I did receive some CEUs from the school of hard knocks. That period also left me with a tender place in my heart for single self-employed mothers.

Most mothers dream of having their children thrive. They feed that dream through their example. Since moving to the Central American country of Honduras, I have learned the dream of many single mothers is simply for their children to survive.  In my barrio, there are two single mothers, working their own small businesses. They manage to support themselves and their children. They even pay for their children’s schooling, but it is an existence living.  These women are no different from me. I found a way to realize the dream for my children and I felt these women might also realize theirs by improving their businesses. So I  started a Single Mother’s Hand-Up Project that helps create strong home based businesses for women in her area, deserted by their husbands.  

My vision for this little beach community is that it set a standard for the country. For women to find financial freedom through their own independent businesses, for their voices to be heard in government and their influence help the country rise above the poverty that incubates crime.
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