Saturday, April 4, 2015

Evolution of the Spirit


I recently posted a message on Twitter  suggesting that this Easter season was a time to give thought to words such as new, renew and transcend.  These are words appropriate to the season yet they also relate to changing the conditions of our minds or our health. Making new, renewing and transcending are part of evolution and describe aspects of healing.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Stephen Chang: doctor of Chinese medicine, holding doctorates in philosophy and medicine, made a statement about evolution that I quoted in writing SHIFT: A 5thDimensional Approach…. He states “Life is to live. Life is also to evolve. Anything that takes form in this universe has a purpose - that of using space and time to improve its self and evolve into a higher form.” These words apply to our consciousness, our emotional wellbeing as well as our physical health.

Yet, I don’t believe it is possible to focus on one aspect of our being without influencing the others. For example, Feldenkrais movement, yoga, Tai Chi and other body healing exercises are acclaimed  for their positive affect on physical healing but one of their commonalities is the use of disciplined breathing. It brings about  a quiet mind.

The quieter the mind the less importance life’s dramas seem to have and the hardships that drained away much of the joy of life appear less.  Most of the negative daily distractions require participation. If there is no energy invested into participating, the issue dies.  A quiet mind state not only offers freedom from mental distress it also restores the
Acid/Alkaline balance necessary to wellbeing while relaxing the central nervous system.

From a quiet mind the world appears differently, we respond to situations in a different way, therefore the outcome becomes healthier.  It becomes an evolution of the spirit. Here is an exercise that not only quiets the mind but will help ease pain and stomach upsets...even reflux or hiatal hernia pain. Try it now. Breathe in deeply, slowly counting to 5, then exhale slowly using the same count. Repeat the exercise 5 times and experience the  difference. ~ Malana

Here is a 3 minute breathing exercise
Let me know if you feel a difference.