Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Step Into The Future

Do you find yourself feeling fatigued? I don’t mean the good sense of exhaustion that comes from completing a big project.  I’m speaking of days upon days when you dread seeing the light of morning and don’t even want to get up. Most of my clients that have voiced that complaint were invariably trying to drag something from yesterday into today. Regrets or mistakes are anchors formed from misconceptions. In actuality, there are no mistakes; there are only consequences. Yet, if we view the results of our decisions as punishments, they become a burden that can drag anyone down. If you want to break free, you need to have a new focus, a goal.

I was told that sleep comes as an interruption when you have a passion or desire. Over the years, I have found this statement to be true. Once the decision is made to achieve something and we start the affirming process, eagerness grows. Its heightened vibration dispels feelings of negativity, strengthening resolve to see desires manifest. The more excited and resolute we become the faster things happen.

Creating vision boards, posters, or placing tokens as physical reminders helps keep the mental focus. Stating affirmations each morning, evening, and when you find yourself stuck in a mental dead zone such as a red lights, traffic jam, a doctors waiting room, or a  cashier’s line, lets you turn negatives into positives.  You may not be able to stay free of those zones but you can turn them into opportunities for positive re-enforcement of your hearts desires.  
An important tool for manifesting that I had forgotten over the years is the habit of projecting ten years into the future and seeing your desire already achieved. Where and how will you be living? What will you be wearing? What will your life be like? Creating this kind of mental imagery makes you the star and director of your own personal mental movie. Write your own script. Watch your movie as you awaken each morning and again at night. Let it be your chosen dream as you close your eyes.  Viewing your movie often makes it grow stronger and closer to your reality. Your subconscious mind does not make judgments; it just accepts everything it sees as real.  So feed it what you want.

If you want to understand the idea of no mistakes more clearly pick up the movie:Evening.    Post a question or comment for me...or visit me on Face Book.  I’ll respond.