Thursday, January 10, 2013

Detoxing is Releasing

Society has taught us that lines and discoloration are part of aging, and to a degree they are. They are the hard-wire remnants of our histories. The affect of repeated thoughts, feelings and physical misdeeds is carried along the nervous system. It feeds each cell and eventually leave its affect with soft tissue. This weakens the integrity of tissue. The result is toxicity in joints, waste stored in cells, swelling and inflammation. When working with human tissue, nothing is ever permanent (except maybe a tattoo). Just as we can change our mind, these past remnants can be softened, lessened or sometimes erased.

On the physical level releasing the past comes from cleansing and detoxifying internal organs. One of the best ways to cleanse is with a fast. My favorite fast is my Detox Vegetable Soup. You’ll find the recipe on my website .This soup heals, strengthens and revitalizes. Excess weight is a result of a sluggish system and low vitality causing weakness in organ function. It only stands to reason that offering your body the cleanest and highest nutrition will allow the organs and tissues to release the old and return to homeostasis…perfect balance. A body in perfect balance finds its perfect form.
The ancient Greek followed a rule of thought that white fruits or vegetables clean the lymphatic system. You will  see that many of  vegetables included in my recipe are white, such as; turnips, onions cabbage and garlic. Cabbage alone outdoes broccoli in its level of calcium. Also listed very high on cabbage’s nutritional profile are the B vitamins: Niacin (B3), Riboflavin (B2)  and Thiamine (B1
These three B’s act to aid digestion, stabilize emotions, and relieve irritability and depression while aiding the entire nervous system. They are even more effective when combined with calcium and phosphorus. They help prevent constipation, edema and aid the urinary system. 
Curry is used as a common antiseptic in India and  turmeric is one of the  Ayurvedic  medicines. Curry’s anti-inflammatory properties have been shown in studies to promote neurological health. Incorporating curry leaves into your daily diet can also help with your weight loss plan. These leaves are known to flush out fat and toxins, thereby reducing fat deposits that are stored in the body, as well as reducing bad cholesterol levels.
In recent studies Turmeric has proven to slow the spread of breast and skin cancer into other areas of the body. It also  relieves Cystic Fibrosis  and Psoriasis. Practitioners of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbal medicine use turmeric to treat digestive disorders. It contains compounds that have been shown to ease pain. In helping to relieve these aliments it has to be cleansing, detoxing and releasing.