Friday, March 21, 2014

Change the Present to Create the Future

This blog is all about change. The insight shared here can influence your health, relationship, workplace or home. Change begins with how we choose to see things, since that is the only thing we really control. Yet, releasing old attachments that allow a new reality can seem complicated.  This is why my posts, as well as my workshops, offer not only a why but, a how  using the tools of shamans or mystics. Every exercise is based on ancient teachings; Universal Principles that form the base for all world philosophies. Today’s tool is the practice of casting.   

Casting is a simple process of throwing familiar 3 dimensional objects onto a table or floor. Part of the Principle of Vibration states that objects held pick up the energy vibration of our thoughts and emotions. When the objects are thrown they will fall in a pattern that reflects our attachment to whatever condition held in the mind. The human mind struggles to separate emotion from thoughts because emotions cloud rational thinking. This is why it is simpler to give effective advice to a friend’s problem than to find a sane solution to our own. Experiences become distorted when seen through a cloud of emotion. Casting offers clarity without judgment. People think they can change others with this process but the only way to change another is to change one’s self. Every given situation is a reflection of us; we are the common denominator. Change the core or hum of a vibration and a ripple begins to spread out.

Start your casting project by collecting 21 small objects. I use 21 because it represents completion, birth, endings and beginnings in many cultures. The objects should not be fragile. They can vary or be the same such as: 21 buttons, stones, coins or keys. As a student of subtle energy, I prefer the collections I design to contain objects from sacred areas of the world. In the end it is only important that each object be no larger than a large coin and able to withstand being tumbled in a container.

The Process: Sitting in front of a table or other flat area, hold the items in your hands while thinking of the circumstances you want to change. Next, close your eyes and gently toss the items out in front of you. When you open your eyes you will be seeing an abstract reflection of your situation. Study it a minute.

What do you want to change? You are the artist and the items before you are your palette. What needs to move or turn over to create an image attractive to your eye? Forget about WHY you are performing this process, just do it because it feels good. Repositioning these 3 dimensional objects sends a ripple through the etheric field creating change. I like to leave my casting lay out for a few hours or a day. It is a thing of beauty I have created and I want to enjoy it. At some point of the day, speak the words “It is done.” and place the articles into a container to store.

  It's that simple. If you have questions post a comment...if you want one of my bags visit