Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Even a Bunny knows to Eat the Color Orange

Rabbits are famous for eating lots of green grasses and vegetables however; many fruits and vegetables in the orange color family are among some of their favorites.

The energy aspects of orange and the area of support in the body are the same with this color. It is the second chakra around the area of the navel. Any issues with authority females can cause energy to become stagnant in this area. That stagnation could have a negative effect on protein digestion ( small intestine ) as well as the healthy role of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Many orange colored fruits and vegetables are shaped like a womb, which is why the ancients used them as medicine for hormonal balance. Pumpkins, Hubbard squash and papaya, when sliced open have a large cavity holding seeds, just like a fertilized uterus.
Carrots are high in organic sodium, Vitamin A and antioxidants. Papaya is high in Vitamin C which is needed for building collagen. It is also a female tonic as are peaches. Oranges are also high in Vit.C, thiamine and  are a balance  of organic sodium and potassium. There is always wild yam which traditional cultures through much of the western hemisphere have used as an anti-inflammatory especially for the uterus. It is high in the mineral manganese; considered by many holistic healers to be the ‘love mineral’ since often the placenta shows a shortage of this mineral in cases of miscarriage. 

If you have been diagnosed with leaky gut, nervous bowl, have discomfort in your abdomen or lack energy try including the color orange in your diet. You might even use orange placemats under your plates so your eyes pick up that orange light.  

Our western culture separates food from medicine but that has not always been the case with humankind. Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” All plants are complex mixtures of chemical substances that make specific chemical changes in the body. The ideal is when the body and its fuel are in harmony so balance is upheld.  Eat like a bunny to have perfect health. 

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Taking Control

Other than Cancer, CONTROL seems to be the most prominent ‘C’ word used by our society today. It’s a word we use when we feel that some aspect of our lives is spiraling beyond our grasp. An iron fist approach to a situation is no guarantee of achieving healthy or happy results, yet there are ways to take control by simply letting go. Stepping back from a situation can offer a clearer perspective and help a negative into a positive. 

Even when life seems to be running on a fairly even keel, some event can occur that inflames a situation and begins to grow beyond what we feel we can or want to deal with. An example is the insanity of arguing with a child; an event where no one wins. Whether the situation includes interaction with others or just us, the chaos always includes some drama. It is this element that expands a situation out of our control; the emotional investment.

Answers begin to appear with the removal of the emotional component. One of the ways to do this is to imagine the problem belonging to someone else. You want this to be someone you care about. Even a brother, sister or best friend exist outside your natural emotional energy field. What would your advice to them be? Invariably our advice to another comes from a clearer mind than we use to make choices for ourselves. Emotions distort the truth of a reality.

What if you have been caught in this drama for quite a while or it is one with deep attachments, making detachment seem impossible? There are instances where we have invested so much emotion into a situation that it has woven a thick web of energy that makes objectivity doubly difficult. When this occurs with clients I have them do Casting, or we do a simple circle ritual. This ritual can be accomplished in the outdoors with a drawing in the dirt or in my office space with a piece of paper. 
Start with drawing a large circle. Inside the circle place or draw an object that represents the problem. Then place something to represent you in this situation. If you are doing this outside in the dirt you can use stones; if you are drawing it on paper just make an X or heart for yourself. Affirm out loud who and what is what. Then draw or cut a line that separates you from the problem. Within moments you will feel tension leave your body. Without taking control, you’ve taken charge of yourself again.   

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