Monday, December 26, 2011

Make It Healthy

I love spicy chili when the weather is cold. However, when you are trying to get lean or to get your cells clean there is nothing in chili that = health.  It’s a T&T pleaser (that’s tummy and tongue). Whether you eat canned chili or you make it from scratch it’s vibrational frequency for health is just under ‘maintain’.  That means more energy is required from your body to break down and assimilate the food than it actually gives back.

Making chili from scratch with freshly picked veggies can boost the frequency a notch just as blessing the items as you mix them gives an edge. However,  let’s face it, good chili is cooked to death mingles the flavors. So, the end result is that it may offer some vitamins, proteins, and herbal benefits from possibly using cayenne pepper, onions  and garlic but as a component to restoration of health and vitality, it falls short.
Here’s what I do to my home made chili that allows my T&T to be happy but lifts the healing and health vibration to the brew.

Pictured is my chili served with my all 3 of my corner posts for health; slaw, chimol and sprouts. First lay a bed of slaw. Then ladle chili to cover. Now the next of my corner post; a couple tablespoons of chimol. The next level is some plain yogurt or cottage cheese for probiotics and then top with live sprouts.  Not the prettiest dish but the additions take regular chili from a  5 to a powerhouse 10.  It also lets you serve your family what they want but turn your dish into what you need.  Salud !