Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seeing and Believing

As a naturopath and meta-physician, I tend to look at the world less conventionally than those who only follow the accepted sciences. For example a small baby’s eyes  do not often hold a direct gaze; they ‘float.’ The scientific explanation is that the bridge of the baby’s nose is still soft so the eye muscles are not tight.  My belief is there are fields of energy, unseen by us, that they are following.
Those who study subtle energy or metaphysics understand that there is a greater degree of reality invisible to the average human than is accepted knowledge. In the etheric, or unseen, there are colored electromagnetic fields that surround, encompass and spiral out from the body; these are most often referred to as auras and there are separate colors for the physical, the mental and emotional aspects of our being.  
Child training in industrial cultures generally retards the ability to see these fields. Instead infants are  taught to focus only on apparent tangibles. Parents begin encouraging their babies to draw their focus in and look at Mommy, see the toy, or baby, or other things. By the ages of 5-7 years, the message often given is that seeing outside the lines is unacceptable.  Confining beliefs solely around a tangible reality can become a threat to physical well-being; the physical can become corrupted or weakened by unexpected change.
One of my steps in helping clients heal from chronic conditions or enacting the Universal Law of Attraction, involves seeing beyond present circumstances. Our eyes pick up only light and image, our mind determines what that image (or reality) is. The physical plane and the etheric field are dance partners; one always follows the other. When the etheric partner leads, the dance moves smoothly toward the reality that you see in your mind. The dance is free form and choreographed by our beliefs. People from cultures whose realities balance the physical and spiritual know that everything in the physical plane is changeable within the mind of the believer. Just as in the story of The Chemical Marriage by Manly P. Hall, old realities must be destroyed before a new and pristine one can be created. It is only a matter of ‘seeing’ things differently.
Training the mind to become the quiet creator of new beliefs comes from meditation. Letting go of old thinking, then writing down or posting pictures of a new desired reality begins the process of mental change. Giving the mind permission to be open, and for the eyes to expand their perception to full peripheral vision, encourages the mind to expand to a greater picture. The life we desire to live is invariably outside the perceived lines.