Thursday, September 26, 2013

As above so below, as below so above.

I remember my young mind trying to make sense  while reading the creation story in the Bible; it would not quite fit into my lineal thinking. The words would lead me through the process of bringing light, waters, plants animals, and then people.  My confusion came when, after God rested, it all had to be repeated again. To this child, the repetition seemed illogical.  Today, from my understanding of metaphysics, it all makes sense.   Everything is created in spirit first; just as an idea comes to our mind before we act on it. It is through this spiritual creation that we are all connected to one another as well as all other life forms.  Rituals and ceremonies are a bridge that helps us recognize this oneness of spirit and create change within it.

I am very grateful for wise elders and teachers taking me under their wings to share their knowledge of rituals and ceremony. It is out of respect for them and the insight gained that I continue the tradition with groups or friends and share this wisdom in the books and articles I write.  books and articles I write  Understanding the greater world of spirit makes this physical plane easier to reside in. Ritual and ceremony can heal the emotional wounds humans inflict on each other. They are gifts of empowerment that can help bring peace to our spirits as well as the planet.