Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There Are No Mistakes

So many people’s health problems stem from feelings of regret, depression or discouragement due to actions or decisions from the past. However, I am here to tell you there are no bad decisions and there are no mistakes. There are only the consequences of our decisions. 

This understanding came to me through studying a Universal Principle: the Law of Polarity. The Principle of Polarity states that everything is dual. There are two sets of opposites for everything found on the physical, mental or spiritual plane. Polarity is the difference in direction or dimension of the extreme opposites of one thing. There is no light without darkness, no good without bad, cold without warm. Each is the same just in varying degrees; there are no absolutes. What is truth for one is half-truth for another.

Opposites are the two extremes of the same thing. Using temperature as an example, when would you believe that hot becomes cold? You might say 32 degrees would be the division because water freezes at that point, however ice also begins to melt at that temperature. I remember the winter months that I lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Locals wore coats and rarely visited the beach. Yet, snowbirds from Canada wore tee shirts and even swam in the Gulf during the same months. All were in the same location at the same time, but their realities were different.

If opposites are truly the same, then Love and Hate are just extremes of the same emotion.  Where does love begin and hate stop? When does hot become cold? How far east do you travel before reaching west? The answer is not a marked point on a scale as much as how we feel or think about a condition at that particular time and the amount of energy ( attention and judgment) we give to the thought. 

How does all of this affect your life? Since all things contain the principle of polarity, any thing can be changed. It is done with the power of your mind, because the mind controls emotions. The first step is in choosing to do so.   You may not be able to change the thing you have done or that has been done to you. However, it is in changing your belief about the outcome that the negative effect is negated. Sometimes we make a decision and the outcome is not all we hoped. This is because the person who asks for a thing is never the same person who receives it. There is a process of becoming that must take place…otherwise you would already have the thing you asked for.  As being the captain of your own ship, decide where you want to go, set your course and keep your eye on the designation. All the things that happen in between are part of the journey. If negative thinking begins the thoughts create a downward spiral that feeds the negativity with repetition.  If the attitude stays positive, regardless of what passes, the outcome will be greater for it.  

A similar situation happened to one of the women in my group when I was a sales trainer. She wanted to win a company car. She worked a full time job and sold our product part-time. A new car would be a wonderful reward. She made the commitment and worked out a plan, but as she began putting the plan to action her well organized life seemed to begin falling apart. First, she was laid off from her job, and secondly her husband’s company sent him to Japan for two months to open an international location.   She felt all of this was a sign that she had made a bad choice.  We talked about changing perspective, making a paradigm shift and seeing all these events as a boost from the Universe. She no longer had a job; instead, she had a business. She no longer had a paycheck so there would be no coasting on minimum sales.  During the two months of her husband absence, she had the freedom to work the hours she chose. All the earlier negative events crumbled to became the stepping-stones to her success.  Yet nothing really changed except the way she chose to view it.  

Our physical world is only the tip of the ice-berg.  Our minds, beliefs and emotions affect all that is unseen. And the Universe will return whatever behavior is given out from a source  to its source through another  principle called the Law  of Cause and Effect . This one was my Christmas gift to you...I’ll explain that one next time.