Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Principle of Intention

 The most popular subtle energy exercise known uses the process of mental gender. It is commonly called ‘The Law of Attraction’.  It is a process of INTENTION activated by EMOTION to CREATE a desired outcome. The principle behind its effectiveness is that energy flows in the direction of our attention. We are co-creating our realities within this practice…consciously or unconsciously; positively or negatively.

A balanced mind is like an artist easel; it’s a perfect place to create. This is why meditation or sitting /lying quietly are important practices. Our culture works against balance with the activity behind its economic focus. It subtly teaches that the more we accomplish in that style the greater our success. We fill our schedules to the point that when outside influences such as family needs, friends, or occasional mishaps arise we feel overloaded.  Mothers and caregivers are often the most in need this balance yet feel the guiltiest for taking the needed 'me' time.  

When  Rhonda Byrne’s book, “The Secret”, became a best seller it brought this esoteric teaching  into the light. I believe that its information helped lift the consciousness of the planet but the majority needed more. Within its pages are the steps to her journey including the need for self-acceptance and balance. Its simplicity gave hope yet, I feel more insight is needed on how to feel better about ourselves. That is the real journey since the intention we put into our actions can have a massive impact on our own inner balance.

Over 20 years ago I learned to consciously work with this mental process.  After reading the guidance of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, I was in qualification to win a car. The emotional catalyst applied to my desire for the car was not one of achievement but that of FREEDOM. I had relocated to Florida from Missouri to assist in the care of my widowed grandmother. I was living in her home, sleeping on the sofa and trying to financially support myself without personal transportation. I will always be thankful for my decision to help her. It placed me within contact of a circle of supportive women. We did not share problems as much as we would share ideas on time and life management.
Achieving the car required a 4 month qualification. I was positive, staying busy and time passed quickly until the final month. Everything began to change and I could feel that all I was building had begun  falling apart. I became sick, the house was filled with visitors, even the weather would not co-operate.  I called a mentor and sobbed my predicament. Her response was for me to get on my knees and thank God for all that was happening… even if I did not feel thankful. Say the words. Fear, anger and agitation contract our hearts energy, whereas gratitude is an expansive energy and opens our hearts to receiving.

 Energy is always in motion and it travels in a circular pattern. Our thoughts and emotions are also energy and are carried in this circle, all the while attracting more of the same before returning to us. My wonderful mentor explained that even when we feel that circumstances are out of our control if we stop, take a breath, and create a quiet place that will allow a change our attitude everything else begins to change.  

This is the reason we bless food, forgive others, and give to those in need. It is not to make us good people but to help us be happy, healthy people. But I’ll go into all of that in some of the next writings.

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Blessings, Malana