Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Focus and Intent

What affects the outcome of an action is the thought behind it. Have you ever been bowling, then find yourself trying to pick up a spare? Your first roll of the ball may have taken down half the pins and now you are counting the remaining number, hoping to clean it up for a spare. As you face the pins, the ball balanced at your chest, the success of the outcome will not be luck as much as the focus of your intent.

All of our thoughts, worries, experiences, and awareness along with things we have viewed, heard and been taught whirl and flow, through our mind influencing our views of everyday experiences. This is why police officers will ask for 3-5 witnesses at an accident. No two people will view that accident the same way. Each will see it through their life experiences. One person may swear the driver was drinking because they saw the accident through the scars of losing a loved one to a drunken driver. Another may have seen the driver not wearing the seat belt; a regular point of debate between them and their spouse.

It is in creating quiet time that we begin to realize how busy our minds are. It is in the ability to quiet the mind that creates powerful focus. When the thoughts behind the focus are negative, it produces a force that can be hurtful, but the energy formed is constrictive and will rapidly return to the sender. When  it does, it carries an amplification of its negative message.  When the thoughts behind the focus are optimistic, a flow of positive energy occurs with an expanding ripple that has valuable collateral affects.

The most valuable asset to living is in spending time training the mind to a disciplined quiet. Then feed the mind with positive thoughts and beliefs. When you want the results of a positive focus, it needs no effort to direct it and all around you benefit. By training the mind to hold a positive focus we create the reality we want and a better world for all.  WHAT WE DO TO ANOTHER IN THOUGHT OR DEED, WE ARE DOING TO OURSELVES.