Friday, January 24, 2014

Putting the Cart before the Year of the Horse

Ever feel that you are moving rapidly in the wrong direction? I have just described my first twenty two days of 2014. The first week, I was merrily moving along, filled with optimism. I felt that this was to be an empowering year. Then my husband became ill. Not really an illness; it was more like a heart attack. He could no longer catch a breath and his feet were swollen twice their size. I was not even aware of the change of priorities; it was only natural that his needs become the focus. Days began and ended with  caring for him, shouldering his responsibilities while trying to manage my own life.  There was fatigue but felt I had things in hand until the 22nd when I failed to connect with a radio host for a scheduled interview. It was like hitting a wall. I needed to stop, look around and set a new course.

About that time I held a skype consultation with a friend/student  wanting help in defining a course of change for the new year. Part of her session examined her Chinese animal birth sign and how it would relate with the incoming Year of the HORSE.  Having the first month of this new year sandwiched between TWO new year celebrations makes 2014 seemed very auspicious. In my normal life, I would have already figured my chart. Working on hers became my reminder. As I worked through her favorable elements and  directions I could see that with the speed and force in which the year was already moving, I needed to find the most  favorable forces of nature to support me this year.  

The year of the Horse is a year for renewal and growth. Horse energy is free spirited, with dynamic yang energy. The horse is strong and swift and teaches us to seize the moment! They represent freedom, are graceful, generous and noble. 2014 is posed to be energetic with all feelings expanded.

A Chinese astrology chart is a bit like mixing Feng Shui with I Ching.   It gives insight to such things as which direction is best for your bed. This influences how you sleep, how rested you are in the morning and how well you make decisions from that rested mind.  The chart also gives your most favorable color, your lucky months or seasons . These help you be in the most favorable position when you decide about your future. It will also tell your most favorable element like metal, wood water or earth. Wearing these in your choices of jewelry can strengthen your resolve and help you break through negative pressure. These energy influences don’t dictate your life but rather they roll out an energetic red carpet to make processing through each day easier.

Being a RAT in a HORSE year will make this a challenging year for  me. Horses love sunshine and rats prefer the dark of night . Just those two opposing forces are enough to encourage me to make some changes.  My desk is now turned to a new direction and my vision map is hanging with my most favorable color. I’ve already made sure my wardrobe contains my lucky color and I have started wearing  metal jewelry to balance my elements. Will this make a drastic change in my year? Hard to know for sure, but why swim against the current when you can let it carry you. Rather than putting the cart before the horse my RAT is hooking its cart onto the wake of the HORSE speed. “The person who fights the Universe always loses.” – The Tao of Change.